Which Type of Laminate Flooring Should You Choose?

Posted by on April 21, 2013

Direct Pressure Laminate (DPL) and High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

Flooring laminates are basically manufactured in one of two ways, either by the Direct Pressure method or High Pressure method.

If the flooring is made using the DPL method then all of the individual layers that make up the tiles or planks will first be arranged in their required position and then pressed and bonded together at the same time.

With the HPL method, the individual layers of the planks or tiles are fixed together in separate stages. This technique uses a combination of both pressure and heat and the result is usually a wear layer that is thicker and therefore harder wearing than that of laminates made by Direct Pressure.

While it is said that High Pressure Laminates are harder wearing, it is the Direct Pressure method that provides manufacturers with increased design flexibility and more easily allows them to produce realistically textured patterns on the floor surface and ultimately makes for a finished product that, in many cases, is more visually appealing.

The right type for you? Since both methods of manufacture produce a high quality finished product, it will probably be the actual texture of the pattern that will dictate which type you purchase. However, if your laminate floor is intended for commercial, or heavy residential use then you may want to choose a floor made by the High Pressure method since commercial grade laminates are most often made this way and will usually be graded to level AC4 which signifies that they are suitable for “general commercial” use.


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