What Low Gas Prices Mean for Your Home

Posted by on February 23, 2016

It wasn’t too long ago that filling up an average size gas tank would cost nearly $100 dollars. With gas prices seeing an all time low, it is a cash windfall for everyone.

It loosens up the pocketbook and allows us to put those savings to good use. There are numerous inexpensive home improvement projects that will build equity without breaking the bank.

1: New Window Coverings


This is the quickest way to spruce up your home and with the right products can make any home more energy efficient. Instead of blinds try dual-sided shades. One side is white and will compliment any room while the other side (reflective) is heat absorbing. These shades can easily be reversed during the different seasons.

2: Clutter Control


Whether it is an overcrowded closet or an overflowing mud room, every house has one. Organizing does not have to be a daunting task and it can be accomplished over the weekend. There are many free standing closet systems that include cubby holes for shoes and compactable racks for extra storage. Stackable wire bins and floating shelves can turn a “mud” room into a “neat” room in no time.

3: Bathroom Updates


Revamping a bathroom is always instant equity in the real estate world and it doesn’t need top cost an arm or a leg. Sometimes all it takes is new accessories such as a fresh coat of paint, new towels or a bright shower curtain. To continue the updates try new tiles, pedestal sink or an energy efficient commode.


4: Entryway Rehab


The entrance is the first thing guests see and it welcomes all who enter it. There are some very simple fixes that can make it stand out from the rest. There are numerous door kits that are available to add a new style to a drab entryway and can be easily installed by a homeowner. Or you can just add a fresh look by adding a new coat of paint and hardware. Upgrading the exterior lights can make a bold statement and saves on the electric bill. For added pizazz try solar lighting along the pathway or a couple of potted trees to accent the doorway.

5: Landscaping Renovations


Outdoor living is one of the most enjoyable assets of home ownership and you don’t need a green thumb to achieve a beautiful landscape. For serenity there are ready to install Koi ponds that can be set up in no time and freestanding fire pits make the perfect focal point. Glow in the dark spray paint on stones will show your guests the way in or try easy to install rope lighting along the edge of the path. A shade garden can be created by quick growing sunflower seeds and children will adore the simple to make bean fort.

“A penny saved is a penny earned” but it only makes sense to put the new found savings to good use. What better way to invest then by doing a quick and inexpensive facelift on your home. With gas prices continuing to drop, those do-it-yourself home projects are limitless.


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