The Suburban Miracle – Laminate Flooring

Posted by on April 19, 2013

Life in the suburbs is not without hazards. Commute times can be long, grass can grow more quickly than you have time to mow, and your carpet can be seriously damaged from the foot traffic occurring in your house daily. Carpets and hardwood floors are not designed to take the beating of soccer cleats and the byproducts of the backyard sandbox. Fortunately, there is one type of flooring designed specifically to withstand the beating of a modern suburban family – laminate.

Muddy Feet

Muddy feet from playing in the backyard or (finally) cutting the grass are no match for pre-finished laminate floors. Laminate is made by combining various levels of materials fused together. The top layer, or finish, is applied to give laminate its amazing ability to withstand just about everything. Unlike carpets, good quality laminate will not absorb the mud and water tracked in from outside, and will not warp the way hardwood floors might.

High Traffic

Despite the myths of a laidback lifestyle, the typical suburban household teems with activity. Children rush through on the way home from school and on the way to various practices or activities. Moms breeze through in high heels fresh from the office, and disappear again in tennis shoes to chauffer the rest of the family to various destinations. Dads come in from the office, and march around dejectedly trying to find the remote and remember where the rest of the family has gone for the evening.

Suburban families produce a lot of footsteps. Carpet wears out quickly underfoot, and hardwoods need maintenance – especially in high traffic areas. In comparison, laminate is specifically designed for large amounts of foot traffic. The middle layer, or core, of the laminate is designed to withstand tremendous amounts of travel, and the resistant top coats resists dulling or scratching, making laminate the perfect choice for hallways and other main thoroughfares throughout the home.


Maintaining a home takes time, and often, there is simply not enough time in the suburban day to vacuum or polish your floors to keep them in optimum condition. Fortunately, long, tiring processes are not necessary to maintain a laminate floor. A simple trip around with a broom or dust mop will collect all dirt and dust that has collected during the day. In fact, dust mops are considered a wonderful toy by most children, and it is possible to pass the chore off to the youngest members of the household. The same can not be said for vacuuming.

Spot and Fluffy

The beloved pets of a family can be just as annoying as they are cute and cuddly. Muddy paws, sharp toenails, scratching, and the occasional accident make maintaining floors that much more difficult. Luckily, laminate flooring offers a solution to these furry family members as well. The protective finish on laminate is impervious to scratches or scrapes, and any wet spots will not soak through to the carpet pad or warp the flooring, they will simply puddle, allowing for easy clean up.

By and large suburban families need more than just an average floor under their feet. The lifestyle of the suburbs can be intense and often chaotic. Fortunately one flooring material has answered the call. It does more than fit the needs of these families, it is a suburban miracle!

By Rebecca Garland

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