Keep Cold Floors Warmer this Winter with These Tech Tips

Posted by on January 19, 2016

Save Money

Each year as winter gets into full swing, it quickly becomes time to check the comfortable state of your home before cold weather truly arrives. If you have hardwood floors, or even newer laminate ones, chances are you’re going to be dealing with some cold feet, and unfortunately, American households waste nearly 40% of the energy used for heating – but take heart, you have fresh opportunities to improve the comfort and efficiency of your homes by utilizing new smart-home technology that is easier to customize and more affordable than ever!

Better Lighting

The latest and greatest LED light bulbs can reduce energy consumption over incandescents by 80-90% with a lifetime of around 100,000 hrs. They are extremely energy efficient, so that even though they are more costly than incandescents and compact fluorescent bulbs, they save you money while giving off brighter and more natural white light. The LEDs currently available can be installed to work with dimmers so that you can dial in the right amount of illumination that’s needed in every setting. You can also install motion sensors as an easy way to ensure that lights automatically turn on when needed and aren’t left burning in unoccupied rooms as you and your kids go run in and out during your activities.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable smart thermostats set the temperature in your house according to a regular pattern: less heating or cooling during the day when you’re away at work, but turning back on in time for you to arrive home to a comfortable house, with warmer floors instead of icy laminate. They can regulate as many as eight climate control zones of your house to accommodate different needs as well! The latest advance in programmable thermostats is an intuitive device made by Nest. The Nest thermostats can learn their owner’s routine behavior during the first few weeks of use and adjust themselves accordingly without the owner getting involved. The Nest is also easy on your wallets by eliminating guesswork and human error in programming a thermostat so that you can achieve around 20% savings in your heating and cooling bills – check for more information.

Eco-friendly Appliances

Did you know that Energy Star was established specifically to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by inefficient energy usage while also maintaining features, cost, and convenience? An eco-friendly Energy Star clothes washer uses about 25% less energy and 40% less water for yearly savings of 3,000 gallons of water. Of all household appliances, clothes dryers use the most energy, but Energy Star dryers use 20% less than conventional ones. On the other hand, some new spot-use washing machines like the compact Yirego Drumi are so eco-friendly that they use no electricity at all – simply washing personal delicates, baby clothes, and hand laundry just with foot pedal power and air drying.

Solar Panels and Energy Storage Batteries

Solar panels and systems are quickly becoming more common and are a great addition to any household, even just as a supplement. But while many assume solar power is only effective in sunny locales, don’t be afraid to invest in solar power if you live in northern regions. Solar panels surprisingly remain efficient in winter because photovoltaics can be 15% more efficient at colder temperatures than during the hot summer months. Large scale battery systems being introduced in the North will smooth the daily variation of solar power and begin to reduce the seasonal variation – just as energy storage batteries can provide night time electrical power with your typical rooftop solar power systems.

With smart-home gadgets of the like, it’s an easy process to improving your household efficiency, and make sure. Do-it-yourself replacement items like LED bulbs, together with motion sensors and dimmers are simple to install, and even various solar powered appliances are quick installs like garden and walkway lights. It’s a good time to improve the comfort of your home while the temperatures are right for winterizing!


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