Five Tips for Selecting Laminate Flooring

Posted by on April 13, 2013

When it comes time to select laminate flooring for your home, the choices suddenly seem overwhelming. It was hard enough choosing laminate over the other flooring choices, but now you must pick the actual pattern and style that will work best in your home. If you’ve never had laminate floors before, a few tips for selecting the right one might come in handy.

Go for the Grooves

The first step when selecting a laminate floor is to think about your lifestyle and then pick the flooring that will hide as much of that lifestyle as possible. Flat laminated floors with a high sheen, especially in dark colors, will show every speck of dust and dirt which lands on the floor. Lighter colors will hide more dust, but the best camouflage of all is laminate flooring with a bit of texture.

Set a Budget

When you’re getting ready to head to the flooring store, do a bit of price comparison and then set an appropriate budget. Laminate flooring runs from less than a dollar per square foot to over seven or eight dollars – without installation. When you’re comparing two brands and two retailers, be sure you’re comparing apples and apples – is installation included? What about trim and edges? Research flooring enough to know what is involved, what pieces are required, and about how much it should all cost. Then stick to your budget – it’s easy to get carried away.

Don’t Be Scared

When confronted with carpet, paint or flooring choices, there is an easy temptation to go with the basic beige. White paint, beige carpeting and standard light-colored flooring are more than suitable, but they are very common and might not be right for your design or personality. When looking at flooring, don’t be afraid to consider something beyond blonde tones. Look at the dark and honey tones. Maybe even consider stone or tile appearing laminate. There are plenty of choices, so consider each one carefully.

Buy Low Grade

For once in your life, you should skip the high grade and buy low. High grade laminate flooring is suitable for commercial purposes. Since it’s unlikely you’ll be driving and displaying new cars in your living room, you can go for the residential grades of laminate. These are the first two grades, although the lowest grade might not be as thick and long-lasting as you’d prefer. The grades distinguish the thickness of the planks made up by multiple layers as well as the texture and durability of the top coats. Commercial laminate is usually too rough to walk on with bare feet. Laminate floor ac ratings range from AC1 to AC5.

The Right Color

Finally, pick the color that works for you. Light colors often are used in contemporary designs. Dark colors are popular with stately designs and traditional homes. Medium tones fall into the middle. They can be used in almost any decorating scheme, but are especially good in casual and country homes.

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