Know What to Look Out For When Buying Cheap Laminate Floors!

Posted by on April 17, 2013

The internet can be one of the best places to find a source of cheap laminate flooring but, just as you would be on your guard when you see a product being sold at a low price in your local store, you have to take steps to ensure that you will not be purchasing a floor that is below par.

There can be numerous reasons why a supplier is selling a laminate floor at a cheap price; often it is simply to make way for new stock or to clear lines that have been overstocked. Neither of these reasons should put you off of making a purchase, especially if the vendor is still prepared to provide a warranty on the goods being sold. Usually this can be the best way to buy your floor inexpensively so, as long as you are not too concerned with getting the latest styles, it will pay to delay your purchase until the seasonal sales come around.

There are times when you should avoid buying a cheap laminate floor, for example, if it is stock that has been damaged due to a flood or fire. Proceeding with such a purchase is likely to be a very inexpensive way to obtain your floor initially but in the long term it will undoubtedly work out to be a much costlier acquisition due to the shortened lifespan of the floor which is certain to require its premature replacement. Furthermore, such a floor is unlikely to be able to withstand the daily wear and tear for which it was originally designed. What’s more, it is highly unlikely that you will receive a warranty when you buy a laminate floor sold in this way.

Another thing to watch out for are non-branded laminate floors. Due to the popularity of laminate there are now many low priced floors on the market that may not be up the standard of the better known laminate floor brands. Proceed carefully with such a purchase and be sure to check out the warranty to ensure that your floor is warranted against delamination for a minimum of at least 15 years. If it is a brand that you have never heard of you may want to try an internet search in order to discover whether or not other buyers have experienced any problems with the said brand.

An additional factor to bear in mind when purchasing a discount floor online is that of the delivery cost. Make sure that the price you pay for shipping is not so high that it will cancel out any savings made on the actual purchase price as this is a tactic used sometimes by unscrupulous dealers.

Finally, just be sure to use common sense and refrain from purchasing your laminate floor no matter how cheap it is unless you feel entirely at ease with the vendor that you are dealing with and the terms of sale that they offer to you.

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My Unwavering Devotion to My Laminate Flooring

Posted by on April 15, 2013

I have dogs and children. This alone makes the thought of carpet or hardwood floors terrifying. Carpets are great at collecting dirt, dog hair, and stains, and no matter how often I vacuum or clean a carpet, it always feels dirty. Hardwoods are much too expensive to be trampled underfoot by toddlers wearing my high heels and dogs with unclipped toenails. For these reasons and more, I am totally in love with my laminate floor.

Laminate is the perfect solution to a house like mine. It is practically indestructible and easy to clean. In addition to that, the laminate is attractive enough to fool visitors into thinking I know something about interior decorating. Everything looks cleaner and neater against the smooth laminate backdrop.

After my son was born, I started to notice how dirty my carpet had become. I have dogs, and despite constant vacuuming and regular visits from the steam cleaners, it just looked dingy. I was afraid to let my son crawl on the floor! I needed a solution that fit my already tight budget and would survive the toddler years with me.

My neighbor went with hardwood floors and now spends much of her waking hours chasing her daughter with a towel to wipe up any spills before the wood warps. New carpet would look nice until the first muddy footprint or grape juice spill. Tile is too hard to be compatible with all the slips and falls occurring in my house on a daily basis, not to mention having to scrub the grout. Laminate flooring seems to be designed specifically for homes like mine.

I quickly discovered that laminate flooring is available in a multitude of styles, colors, widths, and grain appearances. There are at least thirty different companies manufacturing laminate flooring materials, and the prices range from my meager budget on up. Even at the low end of the price spectrum, I have a wide selection, and believe me, it was a hard choice.

I decided to go with a laminate that has the appearance of maple wood.. The light color adds warmth to my house as well as making it look larger. As my selection, like most laminate products, came with snap lock joints, installation was simple. At least it looked that way while the professionals were installing it.

As far as I’m concerned, however, the best aspect of my new laminate floors is the finish. All the dog hair, dust, dirt, candy, crumbs, and juice spills just rest on top of the wood waiting for me to come and whisk them away with a broom or mop. Not only does my house feel cleaner, it actually smells better, too since the laminate doesn’t trap odors the way my carpet did. As far as I’m concerned, laminate flooring is a miracle created especially for moms as frazzled as me.

by Rebecca Garland - Sept 12, 2006

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Five Tips for Selecting Laminate Flooring

Posted by on April 13, 2013

When it comes time to select laminate flooring for your home, the choices suddenly seem overwhelming. It was hard enough choosing laminate over the other flooring choices, but now you must pick the actual pattern and style that will work best in your home. If you’ve never had laminate floors before, a few tips for selecting the right one might come in handy.

Go for the Grooves

The first step when selecting a laminate floor is to think about your lifestyle and then pick the flooring that will hide as much of that lifestyle as possible. Flat laminated floors with a high sheen, especially in dark colors, will show every speck of dust and dirt which lands on the floor. Lighter colors will hide more dust, but the best camouflage of all is laminate flooring with a bit of texture.

Set a Budget

When you’re getting ready to head to the flooring store, do a bit of price comparison and then set an appropriate budget. Laminate flooring runs from less than a dollar per square foot to over seven or eight dollars – without installation. When you’re comparing two brands and two retailers, be sure you’re comparing apples and apples – is installation included? What about trim and edges? Research flooring enough to know what is involved, what pieces are required, and about how much it should all cost. Then stick to your budget – it’s easy to get carried away.

Don’t Be Scared

When confronted with carpet, paint or flooring choices, there is an easy temptation to go with the basic beige. White paint, beige carpeting and standard light-colored flooring are more than suitable, but they are very common and might not be right for your design or personality. When looking at flooring, don’t be afraid to consider something beyond blonde tones. Look at the dark and honey tones. Maybe even consider stone or tile appearing laminate. There are plenty of choices, so consider each one carefully.

Buy Low Grade

For once in your life, you should skip the high grade and buy low. High grade laminate flooring is suitable for commercial purposes. Since it’s unlikely you’ll be driving and displaying new cars in your living room, you can go for the residential grades of laminate. These are the first two grades, although the lowest grade might not be as thick and long-lasting as you’d prefer. The grades distinguish the thickness of the planks made up by multiple layers as well as the texture and durability of the top coats. Commercial laminate is usually too rough to walk on with bare feet. Laminate floor ac ratings range from AC1 to AC5.

The Right Color

Finally, pick the color that works for you. Light colors often are used in contemporary designs. Dark colors are popular with stately designs and traditional homes. Medium tones fall into the middle. They can be used in almost any decorating scheme, but are especially good in casual and country homes.

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